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  • Firewalls are not just hunks of hardware!

  • Edited 2/14/2022

    Most people think of a firewall, and they see a simple piece of hardware that goes in a business somewhere. Set up by some "tech person", it is touched once and left alone until there is an issue or it dies. Expensive, but the IT person said we need one. So what is the big deal? There is plenty that is a big deal!

    First thing to remember is that modern firewalls or Next Genertion Firewalls have a TON of software in them for security, bandwidth control, VPN or virtual private networks, reporting, the ability to connect multiple Internet providers into one appliance, and more. The new generation of firewalls allows IT administrators to not only block inappropriate content by web categories (pornography, social media, etc.) from your users or students, but the newest firewalls also allow for individual web application monitoring or filtering. Say you want to block games within Facebook but not Facebook itself. Our firewall solutions can do that!

    In addition, the continuous updates for virus filtering on the firewall, "bad actor" blocking with rogue or malicious IP addresses from around the world, and real time user monitoring and alerting is key to having a secure network. Solvonex has the firewall products and talent to not only implement these solutions but monitoring and help administer for you in real time. Maybe someone is hogging all of the bandwidth on the network, and you want to block or slow them down? Our solutions can do that easily and prioritize things like streaming for education or the latest VOIP traffic for your phones held in the cloud.

    Need to connect to your office network remotely? Our firewall solutions provide multiple options for VPN including the connectivity to remote or branch sites to create one WAN or wide area network. We also have SDWAN (software defined WAN) options with our firewall providers so whether you have one site or 50 sites, we can get you connected and secured with modern and proper firewall products.

    So all that sounds nice, but I'm a small business so I don't need all of that stuff, right? Wrong. EVERYONE even home users need these technologies for firewall protection regardless of size or organization focus. From houses of worship to the five member family with two dozen devices on the home network, the world is now more complex than it was 10 years ago or even five years ago. These protections and options are critical to maintainin a proper business, school, house of worship, or home network. Protection for teens on social media is more important than ever. The addtion of IOT or Internet of Things has added a lot of cool things like your home connected refrigerator, but keeing that fridge secure is important now, too!

    What about these cute little "home routers" or small firewalls the size of credit card? Aren't they fine to use? In nearly every case, we would say, "No." These devices many times do not have the processoing and RAM in them to handle the fast speeds that are now available for business and home networks. Remember, a firewall is essentially a computer that runs specialized software so the more processor and RAM it has installed, the better it will perform. And, like in life, with firewalls you get what you pay for.

    Lastly, having an on-going, paid subscriptions for a firewall is critical in keeping it up to date. Yes, it is money, and we fight hard for every one of our dollars as well. We get it. Money is hard enough to come by in today's world. Having said that if you are going to be on the Internet in any way, shape, or form, it is very important to have protection which includes a proper firewall and the warranty and subscriptions to keep it updated. Emerging threats happen every single minute of every single day so keeping up and creating a secure computing environment is everyone's responsiblity.

    Solvonex specializes in firewalls from Untangle and Fortinet. Both are great solutions for all sizes and types of businesses. Untangle has a great offering for home users as well. Whether you need a five device solution or a 5000 device solution, we have plenty of firewall solutions for you.

    Contact us for more information and to provide you a quote for a proper firewall!

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