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  • Yes, warranties and support contracts are a pain but still critical!

  • Edited 2/19/2022

    Warranties and support for technology is crticial to keeping devices patched, secured, and repaired when failures happen. But over the past two and half decades of doing this work, what we have noticed is that EVERY business, school, and institution in all vertical markets struggle with keeping warranties and support contractus updated. It's a mess!

    Depending on the size of organization you have and people resources available, it may be a single person or multiple departments that try to keep track of this stuff. Usually in IT, the IT Manager leads that effort, but even that person may struggle in keeping it straight. We suggest a collaborative effort between IT and the Accounting department depending on the size of organization. Some companies create what is called a "Pre-paid" list of renewable items to track in a budget that include yearly or maybe even three years warranties and support contracts. Identifying exactly what the item is to be covered, the length of the term, and the exact terms are critical to making sure you can keep on top of the warranties or support.

    Also, it is normal for additions of device types of the same kind to happen during the year so warranty renewals get off-set and spread multiple times through the year and then lost easily on what is what. We recommend doing what is called "co-terming" the warranties so that the oldest and newest warranty or support purchases start and stop at the same time. Many times you can negotiate pro-rated or better pricing by doing a co-term with a manufacturer.

    Using 3rd party warranties can be good for older equipment as long as the equipment replacement terms are spelled out in detail with some service level agreement or response for SLA is guaranteed. Be careful with some 3rd party providers giving you "cheap" pricing as sometimes you get what you pay for in that cheap warranty. We have seen issues with support and "maintenance" warranties on large battery backups go wrong when the supplying 3rd party company doesn't deliver as promised and provides poorfuly refurbished parts. It takes someone sharp to stay on top of those issues!

    Because of our manufacturer and distribution relationships as well as decades of just doing the IT and accounting work, Solvonex is uniquely positioned to help you with your warranty and support contract needs. It does not matter if you bought that HPE server from someone else years ago, or that Microsoft support renewal is long-lost. We can inventory your technology, get serial numbers, find the right pricing and support contracts, and get you covered.

    Solvonex can even manage the process as an on-going managed service taking the headaches away and probably saving you money. We'll work hand in hand with your IT and accounting teams and show you exactly the dates, costs, terms, and help you tame the tiger that is warranty and support contract hell!

    Remember to keep your warranties fresh and support understood, but it it with confidence. Do it with Solvonex!

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