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  • Cloud Phone and VOIP is What You Need

  • Edited 2/22/2022

    Phone systems have been around businesses since day phone of phones. Seriously: A LONG TIME. What has occurred in the past few years is a revolution in phone systems going from an on-premise option to a cloud based, hosted solution that businesses can rely on anywhere there is an Internet connection. Let us explain.

    Modern VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol phones are really just small computers with a handset and screen. VOIP phones plug into a properly wired and configured computer network, download their configuration information, and can receive calls or make outbound calls. Pretty simple!

    Cloud based VOIP solutions have their "brains" or head end hosted in the cloud, which "cloud" is just another name for the Internet, with a company like Sangoma. Solvonex offers on-premise and cloud based Sangoma phone and unified communication solutions so we can setup physical phone systems or virtual phone systems. But, with that being said, we are really recommending and pushing the concept of going with cloud based VOIP phone solutions such as the Switchvox Cloud solution. 

    Sangoma phones can be plugged into any network, business or home, with a solid Internet connection and connect to the Switchvox cloud solution. Voicemail can be routed to a user's email. Sangoma also has desktop and smartphone apps to route calls to a PC or your smartphone. Make phone calls using your business number with your smartphone but not expose your cell number. Call routing, call trees, call center configuration, reporting, and more is all available with Switchvox cloud from Sangoma. All of these are examples of UC or unified communications. Don't let the acronyms and terms overwhelm you: All of these items are meant to add flexibility for your workers so they can work anywhere, answer anytime, collaborate easier, and streamline operations. 

    We have moved hundreds and hundreds of 800 and local phone numbers from other carriers to Sangoma for clients so that they can maintain their published numbers. This is called Porting, and Sangoma has a great team of people that work hard to port your phone numbers from your old carrier to your new carrier. 

    Sangoma also gives a new phone number per extension so if you don't have phone numbers to port over from an old carrier, no problem! We can get you 800 numbers and local numbers from anywhere.

    From five phones to 5000 phones, our VOIP solutions from Sangoma are helpful for any business or school. e911 for emergency dialing, location or building based dialing, branch offices, home offices, teleworkers, doctors, warehouses, and more are all within the realm of design and execution possibilities. Local and long-distance is included for simplified billing.

    At Solvonex, we don't fool around with phones or networks. When you request a VOIP solution from us, we evaluate your network and Internet connectivity to make sure you have proper data cabling, network switching, firewalls, and Internet bandwidth to ensure a quality install. Big or small we apply affordable enterprise level solutions and get great outcomes, and the difference with us is that we have actually administered phone systems and done the hard work in the past. We have been there and done that so that you can benefit from our experience!

    Sangoma is priced very competitive with any other unified communications or Unified Communications as a Services (UCaaS) offering. Simple to use, cost effective to have, and ready quickly.

    Watch the video below for a deep dive into the options available from Sangoma Switchvox, and contact us for a quote today!

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