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    At Solvonex, we are about solving problems and getting the job done the right way. Plain and simple. We have a wide breadth and depth of knowledge and experience in multiple vertical markets and fields. What we don't know directly we partner with the best to bring you the right solutions and work hard to ensure your interests are well guarded. We are invested in our clients and partners, and they are invested in us.

    Our clients are doctors, lawyers, schools K-12, universities, non-profits, logistics/warehousing companies, property management firms, other technology companies, and many more. Our clients have five employees and many thousand spanning one or many sites. Our clients want a trusted partner for a long-term orientation focused on a great future with great outcomes.

    If you are looking for a technology and business partner that cares about your organization's future, look no further than Solvonex. 

  • Ryan Eldridge

    Founder and Chief Solutions Architect. With over 20 years of building computers, networks, business and technology solutions, Mr. Eldridge is the driving force behind Solvonex. With a passion for solving problems, clients typically view him as "the go to guy" to get the job done. 

    Specializing in networking, WiFi, Microsoft technologies, data and building security, educational technologies, and IT process, Ryan Eldridge has developed and delivered countless systems for small to large organizations covering financial services, healthcare, education, e-commerce, warehouse/logistics, and government verticals. Currently, he oversees all solution architecture and delivery for Solvonex offerings.

  • Kendra Eldridge

    VP of Marketing Solutions