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  • Managed Services

  • Businesses and educational institutions want to focus their time and energy on managing their main mission. To accomplish this effort, they cannot waste valuable time and resources worrying about downtime from malware, not being able to perform software updates, computers and networks being mismanaged, and security breaches that could grind the entire operation to a halt.

    Solvonex can provide proactive IT Managed Services where we remove the stresses of maintaining your technology. With easy to understand rates and services, you can have the piece of mind that your technology will be up and usable. We'll help you minimize and mitigate risks to your organization, keep your users up and able to focus on their job instead of having to "mess with the computer again", and keep your network safe and secure. We can do this on-site and remotely. Instead of reacting when things are down and hoping that someone might be available, a proactive Managed IT Services approach will have us focusing on your technology first so you don't have to sweat it out while someone might react to your needs.

    Who are our managed services clientele? They are law firms, warehousing & fulfillment companies, K-12 education, healthcare practices, real-estate & property management, telecom companies, houses of worship, and others looking for superior technology assistance. They range in size from 25 users to thousands. Some have a few servers while others have hundreds of servers and network devices.

    Most of all our managed IT clients have a committment to the continuous betterment of their computing environment, they value a partner that has the technical and business experience to help them succeed, and, most of all, our managed IT clients understand that Solvonex is invested in their future and wants an on-going dialogue about paths to success.

    The Solvonex Team has decades of experience building and running IT departments and companies. There is an ebb and flow to how the Team works and thinks with little time for "business as usual" approaches. If you are a company looking for a long-term orientation with a great partner, then Solvonex is the firm for you!

  • Solvonex Managed Services

  • Help Remote and Help On-site

    Of course we are able to work with you remotely! But if you need us to come on-site and spend time installing a device or building a better IT mouse trap for you, that is easily accomplished in a project based expense model. The type of project and needs will determine a project length and per hour charge. Want us to come on-site for a set number of hours per week? We can also do that in a re-occurring support model in addition to our Managed IT Services performed remotely.

    Even if you have an IT department today, Solvonex can help supplement our time, tools, and talent to give you the edge you need.

  • Easy to Understand Per Device Per Month Billing

    We bill per device type per month and offer remote management, monitoring, antivirus/malware protection, web filtering, and software updates to keep you going. We can keep an inventory of your hardware and software and help you know how your IT assets are performing.

    Our monitoring and management solutions keep an eye in real-time for you so it's easy to figure out the status of your users and network. Whether it is just a few devices or literally thousands of devices, we have techology to monitor, manage, and support your network.