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  • Every company or educational institution has a need for IT services, hardware, software, network products, cloud solutions, building security, disaster recovery, and on and on. It's a never ending story with a lot of chapters.

    Many businesses ask questions like: Who's tried this or that IT solution and made it work well? How do we get from where we are now to where we want to go with our technology? Or better yet, where DO we want to go? Any one have an idea on what to do next to get our technology in alignment with our business needs?

    Solvonex has spent decades working with all types of organizations and in all vertical markets. From healthcare to education, social media and ecommerce, warehousing and logistics, legal, accounting, manufacturing, and many others have benefited from IT consulting delivered by Solvonex. Running an IT Department, building a strategic plan, and just figuring things out are all within the experience our resources bring to the table. Our people have actually built IT departmenst from the ground up so not only do we have consulting experience, but we have actually done what we recommend in the real world. Few IT consultants have experiences on both sides of the table!

    We can develop a plan with you or for you. We can sit with you while you execute that plan or execute it for you. Want someone to tell you that you are crazy? We can do that or maybe validate your genius. Our open minded but battle hardened approach and a no-nonsense way of doing business might be refreshing. Because we have been there and probably done that in most cases, our people consult from a position of experience and your best interests at heart.

    Our cyber security consulting can cover the basics for a smaller business or more detailed plans for larger environments. Regulatory and cyber liability insurance requirements are getting harder every day. Managing risk and developing processes around those risks can be daunting for anyone. Vulnerability scanning and management programs are a must for any type of institution. Solvonex has the skillset and solutions to hep with your cyber security needs from security products for CDN, WAF, antimalware, firewalls, breach discovery, threat hunting, and can create the policies and procedures for governing how you should respond to computer security incidents.

    Who are our typical clients? They are small to enterprise sized businesses, K-12 education or universities, non-profits, and government institutions that want real help with their IT needs. Though we have varying consulting rates for the type and size of organization you may be, we are not the least expensive or the most expensive consulting firm you'll find in the market. Our enterprise level approach and decades of experience can be applied to organizations of any size.

    Our clients know our value and are willing to pay for those decades of expertise as we provide real value to their businesses. If you are one of these institutions that needs help and are not looking for the cheapest solution out there, then we may be able to do business and become your trusted technology partner. Contact us for more information and to have a discussion about how Solvonex can Solve Your Next.

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