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  • Ryan Eldridge

  • Ryan Eldridge


    Ryan Eldridge is the founder and CEO of Solvonex. He has been building computers, networks, and designing solutions for a wide variety of companies and institutions since he was 19 years old. With over 25 years of IT, management, and industry experience, Mr. Eldridge has become the "go to guy" for dozens of companies and hundreds of people over the years.

    Mr. Eldridge has a strong focus in technology infrastructure such as networks, WiFi, servers, cloud technologies, and numerous types of end computing technologies. He also specializes in information/data security and building security including incident response, security cameras, card access, and common sense security policies and procedures. Disaster recovery, strategic planning, IT department support and process, and management consulting are also areas he is called for frequently.

    Born and raised in Indiana, Ryan Eldridge has always focused on using "Hoosier common sense" and hospitality for every business engagement.