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  • Networks and Servers

  • One thing to understand about Solvonex is that we do not mess around when it comes to computing and networks. We do not use a consumer approach to business, and "just getting by" is not how Solvonex thinks. Every one of our technology products has been tested, used by us and people we trust, and is scalable. We do not mess around with product quality so we choose best of breed for our clients!

    Network switching, WIFI, firewalls, load balancers, servers, storage, cloud technologies such as CDN, web application firewalls (WAF), and power protection solutions are just some of the major items we can deliver to you.

  • Best in Class

    HPE, Lenovo, Microsoft, Dell, Untangle, Ruckus, Malwarebytes, Engenius, Fastly Cloud Edge Platform, Fastly/Signal Sciences Web Application Firewall, Fortinet, Engenius, Trend Micro, Tripp Lite, Raritan, Cisco, Supermicro, Barracuda, Google, and hundreds more of the finest, hand-chosen partners that Solvonex trusts to deliver to you.

    Servers, switches, load balancers, firewalls, cloud security, WIFI, power protection solutions, email filtering, anti-malware, racks, and more. Solvonex offers new and refurbished equipment along with OEM and 3rd party warranties.

    In addition to providing the best in class of technology, we specialize in project management and interfacing with architects and building planners. The key to a good network install in a new or renovated building is to involve a knowledgable IT resource early. Solvonex can help electrical engineers, building planners, owners, and department heads understand the technical needs of the building, design the network, and get it implemented. We have 20 years of experience designing and collaborating in this space. Give us a call!

  • Bandwidth and VOIP

    Whether you need cable modem Internet, fiber based Internet, private/public, VOIP solutions. Solvonex has you covered. Comcast, Zayo, Spectrum, AT&T, Sangoma, and many more for all of your bandwidth needs.

    Contact us to run your address and find the best carriers and Internet options for your office.

  • Ramped-Up Network Security

    Solvonex is proud to announce our wonderful new partnership with Fastly for Content Delivery Network (CDN) and for the Fastly/Signal Sciences Web Application Firewall. Together, we can take your web site security needs to a whole new level

  • Data Cabling & Special Projects

    Looking for data cabling solutions? Whether it's copper for fiber, server racks, low voltage solutions, or emergency fixes Solvonex has tremendous strength in this area and partners with some of the best in the business. Every network must have a solid foundation, and it begins with proper cabling. Audio/Video cabling, building control cabling for security products, and special cabling projects requiring documentation, standards creation, and project management are all within our expertise and partner network.

    Power projects, event streaming, cooling for server rooms, new building construction updates requring a new network, and more special tech needs are also available from Solvonex.