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  • The Supply Chain That Binds Us

    Edited 2/13/2022 This is a quesiton we have been asked since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 and are still answering those quesitons as well as dealing with the issue today. There are a lot of [...]

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    Eduction Blog from Deledao

    Edited 2/9/2022 Solvonex is proud to partner with Deledao (www.deledao.com) for providing one of the smartest and most efficient AI based web filters and classroom management platforms on the market [...]

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    Good Security: All about the layers

    Edited 2/22/2022 In one of our blog articles, we talk about using a proper firewall. That notition is still valid regardless of the date of the posting. However, Solvonex preaches and works hard to [...]

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    Firewalls are not just hunks of hardware!

    Edited 2/14/2022 Most people think of a firewall, and they see a simple piece of hardware that goes in a business somewhere. Set up by some "tech person", it is touched once and left alone until there[...]

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    Yes, warranties and support contracts are a pain but still critical!

    Edited 2/19/2022 Warranties and support for technology is crticial to keeping devices patched, secured, and repaired when failures happen. But over the past two and half decades of doing this work, [...]

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