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  • Why Us

  • There are a lot of reasons why Solvonex is a good choice for a technology partner. We have enterprise and deep levels of knowledge that permeate from the front line to the executive. We are enterprise, but our people also realize that bringing that deep level of enterprise knowledge down to small businesses and educational institutions is the only way to make technology work better for EVERYONE. Call it a mission, a "calling", or a deep yearning to fix what is broken with how technology supports everone, but that is how we operate: Enterprise experience solving issues for SMB, education, and the enterprise. We can help Solve Your Next whatever your next may be!


  • We are not just "consultants"...

    Consulting and telling poeple what they "should" do is great and an awesome business to be in. But how many consultants have actually built and run operations for a company? How many consultants have sat in a chair worrying about budgets, the cost of health care, and how to meet the next payroll? How many consultants have actually pulled off the plan and stayed all night to get it done right?

    That is where Solvonex is differnet. We Solve Your Next challenge better because of our experience in actually doing the work. This isn't theory for us. We have deep experience as department heads, IT leaders, entrepreneurs, installers, engineers, "doers of the actual work", cleaners of the mess, and as consultants. We've built the pillars of strength for small businesses and large corporations. We've bought and sold products and services. We were there at the dawn of the Internet, fought the zombie apocolypse during Y2K, and have the latest in network and cyber security solutions to address the world as it is now.

    Consulting is great, but you want a partner and trusted advisor that has actually done the hard part. Someone who is invested in your business or institution and gets it. That's the core of Solvonex. We have done it, do it now, or have vetted those who have done it.

  • A word from our Founder

    "I appreciate you taking the time to learn more about Solvonex. I've been fortunate enough to have gathered decades of experience and wisdom through success and failure, getting my hands dirty working on problems, and doing the work for myself to see the outcomes. I've carefully chosen products and services or partnered with those who have great products and services to create trusted, well known outcomes for my clients.

    Our culture is one of hands on, straight forward, no non-sense business inclusive of everyone and embracing the possibility of the future by executing hard work each day. Evolution forward is always our goal, and getting to the core of the problem with great solutions is our mission. We are open minded, charitable in our hearts, and genuinely concerned for positve outcomes for all.

    If you need a trusted partner to help you Solve Your Next, then get a hold of us. Send us a message. We are here waiting for that next great client-partner experience." - Ryan Eldridge, Chief Solutions Architect & Founder

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